Academie Duello Longsword Assault

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Part 1
FACING NORTH Salute posture (sword scabbarded at side)
FACING NORTH 1 Upwards defense against dagger w/ scabbarded sword, discard scabbard, settle in
FACING NORTH Coda Longa of the Sword in One Hand
FACING NORTH 2 1-handed sword defense vs even pressure > employ offhand > thrust, retreat to
FACING NORTH Tutta Porta di Ferro
FACING NORTH 3 Breaking the thrust (accrescimento fora di strada, passare alla traversa (NW) into DaC/PdFM, Falso Manco with rear compass to left (NE), roverso fendente with pass back)
FACING NORTH-NORTHEAST 4 Defence in PB, thrust, catch in Finestra, cast and throw mezza mandritto w/pass, pull back into
FACING NORTH-NORTHEAST Posta di Dona sinestra
FACING NORTH-NORTHEAST 5 Defence in PB, grip mezza spada and thrust mezza melle w/pass, rotate to serptentina altara, remove sword from chest, doing a full turn to be
FACING SOUTH 6 w/pass thrust to longa, w/triangle step yield through finestra to throw a mandritto into
FACING SOUTH Porta di Ferro Mezzano
FACING SOUTH 7 False edge rabbattimento, mandritto fendente into
Part 2
FACING SOUTH 8 extension to longa (feinted thrust) w/gather, thrust by cavatione sotto w/right foot into Posta Bicornu, withdraw to
FACING SOUTH Dente al Cinghiara
FACING SOUTH 9 straight thrust w/lunging step, mezza roverso w/recovery, another straight thrust w/lunging step (no recovery), turn to
FACING NORTH 10 tight mandritto fendente w/pass into breve, yield into pommel strike w/pass, throw tutta roverso fendente w/compass of rear foot to
FACING EAST Tutta Porta di Ferro
FACING EAST 11 parry in posta frontale, cut hands, thrust in longa, recover to
FACING EAST Tutta Porta di Ferro
FACING EAST 12 parry in posta frontale, throw mezzo roverso, pass back to
FACING EAST Dente al Cinghiara Mezzana
FACING EAST 13 Long thrust w/lunging step, slow'n easy pass into
FACING EAST Posta di Dona
FACING EAST 14 Play of the punta falsa (throw a mezzano, when he parries turn the sword around his, gripping it mezza mella to pass in with a thrust).