Academy of European Swordsmanship - Calgary/Edmonton, AB

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The Academy of European Swordsmanship

The AES Crest
Canada's oldest WMA school, founded in 1994 at the University of Alberta. Head Instructor, Johanus Haidner has been doing WMA since 1980. In 2002 The AES finally settled on a name, instead of being called "those European martial arts people" or "that sword group", as they were referred to by outsiders. In 2005 The AES incorporated as a non-profit organization. In 2007 the AES expanded to Calgary, and Madison, WI in 2010, adding a chapter in Rimbey, ALberta in 2014, and in Wetaskiwin, Alberta in 2017. Calgary's chapter is no longer associated with the AES.

Edmonton Practice: St. George's Greek Orthodox Church. 10831-124 St. Edmonton. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-9:30 pm

Rimbey Practice: Foreshee Community Hall, Range Road 20, Bentley, AB, Mondays, 7-9:00 pm

Rimbey Practice: Wetaskiwin Mall (C.H.I.P.S. area), Sundays, 4:00 pm

Madison Practice: Infinity Martial Arts, 1903 Cayuga Street, Middleton, WI. Tuesdays 8-10 pm.

For class information and more, please visit the website at [1]

The Academy of European Swordsmanship studies a broad spectrum of Western Martial Arts. We concentrate on German styles from a variety of masters, but also study English, French, and Italian treatises. Our primary focus is swords, but we also work with stave & polearms, unarmed (Ringen, hand-to-hand combat), knife/dagger combat, rapier, and more. While the majority of our study is based on Mediaeval and Renaissance work, we encourage incorporating later Western based techniques in order to complete our total martial system.

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Sword Tug of War

View a short video from our Edmonton Chapter.

A short video fo some tournament footage at Nordschlag 2014, our annual HEMA tournament.