Fiore Poste Progression

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This article describes a method of linking together the 12 poste described in the Getty version of the Fiore Manuscript. This form and variations of it are used by many WMA schools in North America, including Academie Duello in Vancouver, BC and Northwest Academy of Arms in Eugene Oregon. The intention of the form is to provide a method for memorizing and practicing the Fiore positions.


  1. Start in Porta di Ferro facing North.
    Fiore Posta Porta di Ferro.jpg
  2. Make a tutta volta, lifting the sword over the head to end up in Posta di Donna Altara facing South.
    Fiore Posta di Donna.jpg
  3. Lift the sword over your head to make Fenestre Destrazza.
    Fiore Posta Fenestre Destrazza.jpg
  4. Make a volta stabile to the right, placing the sword onto your left shoulder to make Donna Senestra facing Northwest.
    Fiore Posta di Donna Senestra.jpg
  5. Make a passing cut backward into Longa.
    Fiore Posta Longa.jpg
  6. Make a volta stabile to the right, lowering the sword until it is on the line in-line with the right leg in Porta di Ferro Mezzanna facing East.
    Fiore Posta Porta di Ferro Mezzanna.jpg
  7. Lift the point, keeping the elbows on the side and step forward to make Breve with the left foot leading.
    Fiore Posta Breve.jpg
  8. Cut down and to the left, drawing the pommel back to the left hip making Dente al Cinghiara.
    Fiore Posta Dente al Cinghiara.jpg
  9. Volta stabile to the left, leaving the sword in place to make Choda Longa facing Northwest.
    Fiore Posta Choda Longa.jpg
  10. Tutta volta bringing the sword up in a mezzanna cut, letting the hand rotate on the pommel so the cross bar is parallel with the floor, the right hand palm up, and the left hand palm down with knuckles facing to the right, pommel pulled to the chest, elbows tucked in. This makes one form of Bicornu facing Southeast with the left foot leading.
    Fiore Posta Bicornu.jpg
  11. Lift the sword protecting the head with the cross-bar in Frontale.
    Fiore Posta Frontale.jpg
  12. Cut vertically downwards while stepping forward and turning to a reverse weighted Dente al Cinghiara Mezzanna.
    Fiore Posta Dente al Cinghiara Mezzanna.jpg

At this point to return to the beginning of the sequence make a volta stabile to the left leaving the sword in place to make Porta di Ferro facing North.


Devon Boorman, Director of Academie Duello, going through the 12 poste progression.