Gran Simulacro: Section 2, Chapter 10

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From the Manuscript



  1. It is of no small profit nor of little beauty to know how to gain the sword against the adversary in all the guards, and it is as well of no small importance, should the adversary have gained it against you, to know how to recover it; so that on this occasion, in case he gained it, there are three things that you will be able to do: first, you must never disengage to throw a full blow (a cut with long arc); nor disengage to parry and then strike; another, retreating back, with somewhat of a slip of the body, and lowering your sword, and wanting your adversary to follow you, in the same tempo in which he comes forward to accost you and gain the sword anew, while moving your right foot you will be able to strike him either above or below his sword as it happens to be more convenient; and furthermore, care must be taken that we understand stringering the sword as much as gaining it.


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