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Plate 2 illustration and description. Click images to enlarge.

Of the guards.

From the Manuscript


Of the guards.

Even as one cannot make some composition of beautiful and judicious writings without employing the letters of the alphabet, so does it occur in this, our art of fencing, that without the following guards, and some voids and retreats of the body which come to be the foundation of this practice, one could not in any way demonstrate this, our use; therefore the following six figures are designated alphabetically.

“A” demonstrates first to you, and second is presented to you as “B”, and third as “C”. Fourth is named as “D”, fifth as “E”, and sixth as “F”*.



  • In the plates that follow, figures continue to be labeled as A through F, generally representing the starting position of each figure. Fifth and sixth are not otherwise explained as first through fourth were, but as judged by these plates and the occurrences of these two guards in the sections on dagger and rotella, they apparently describe guards involving an auxiliary arm, where the sword is low, usually in third or less often in fourth, while the left hand is held either low for fifth, or high for sixth.

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