Gran Simulacro plate 5

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Figure explained by way of the alphabet.

From the Manuscript

Gran simulacro plate 5 figure.jpg Gran simulacro plate 5 text.jpg


FIGURE EXPLAINED BY WAY OF THE ALPHABET. Figure that demonstrates resting in guard, as is shown in our art, and the incredible increase of the long blow, in regard of the members that are all moved to strike*. A -- The left shoulder in guard B -- The leg of the left knee in guard C -- The planting of the left foot in guard D – The ordinary pace in guard E – The placement of the right foot in guard F -- The thigh and the calf at a slope in guard G -- The hand of the right arm in guard H -- The increase of the right arm, of the same length I -- The increase of the right knee, almost a pace K – The increase of the pace, a little more than a foot L -- The increase of the left foot with its turn M -- The increase of the left knee of a half pace


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