Fabris plate 22

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A wound of third against an opponent in third, on the outside line over the sword, in the opening the opponent creates by disengaging or by lowering his guard.

From the Manuscript

File:Scienza d'arme plate 22.jpg


  1. Both fencers start third on the inside.

Main sequence

  1. The agent feints a thrust.
  2. The patient moves to the parry.
  3. Upon finding that the agent's attack was a feint, the patient returns to his guard position, and the agent attacks in the tempo of this returning with a disengage to the outside.

Alternate sequence

  1. The agent moves to find the patient's sword.
  2. The patient disengages to strike the agent on the outside line.
  3. The agent strikes in the tempo of the disengage, over the sword.

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