Fabris plate 34

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A wound of second by dropping low when the opponent attacks in fourth with a girata.

From the Manuscript

File:Scienza d'arme plate 34.jpg


  1. Both fencers start in third on the outside.
  2. The opponent moves to find our fencer's sword.
  3. Our fencer feints a disengage to the inside in third, moving his weight slightly over his forward leg.
  4. The opponent makes a void of the left foot, disengaging below our fencer's sword to the inside and attacking low. In this attack, the opponent's left foot is passing forward so as to close the measure.
  5. In the tempo of the void, our fencer lowers his body by throwing his rear leg out behind him and sinking on his forward leg -- a reverse lunge. He turns his sword to second and strikes the opponent below his guard.

See also

  • This play could be seen as a counter to the play in plate 31, though the sequences don't exactly match up.
  • The use of the reverse lunge here is the same as employed in plate 35. The difference is mainly in the opening our fencer is striking into, and consequently the guard used for striking.



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