Florius de arte luctandi (BNF Manuscript)

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Florius de arte luctandi refers to a copy or version of the Fiore manuscript contained in the Bibliothèque nationale de France under this title.


The manuscript consists of 44 folios, containing illustrations with short captions (2-3 lines). Most pages contain two pairs of fencers or wrestlers, much like the other manuscripts by Fiore dei Liberi. The illustrations appear to be painted. The color scheme and overall effect appears to be similar to the illustrations in the manuscript of Filippo Vadi. The clothing worn by the fencers is very similar to that shown in Ludwig von Eyb's manuscript in Erlangen, and may well be the source for those illustrations. The illustrations are accompanied by short couplets of what appears to be verse in Latin, along the lines of the Pisani-Dossi/Novati manuscript. There is no textual introduction, as in the Pisani-Dossi manuscript. Nor are there any lengthy textual captions, as in the Getty manuscript. The longsword section is broken into two sections, indicating that the work may have been rebound at some point.


  • Inside cover: Ex libris
  • Folio:
  • 1r Title page
  • 1v Segno with 7 swords and animal virtues
  • 2r - 5v Mounted combat (sword, lance, wrestling)
  • 6r - 6v Spear on foot vs. mounted opponent; spear vs. spear on foot
  • 7r - 7v Spear techniques on foot
  • 8r Spear vs. spear; two clubs vs. spear
  • 8v Club and dagger vs. spear; poleaxe vs. poleaxe
  • 9r - 9v Poleaxe techniques
  • 10r Poleaxe disarm; single sword vs. three swordsmen
  • 10v -12r Single sword
  • 12v - 13v Longsword guards
  • 14r - 18v Longsword techniques
  • 19r Blank page
  • 19v Longsword techniques
  • 20r - 20v Dagger vs. longsword
  • 21r Masters of the Dagger
  • 21v - 25v Unarmed defense vs. dagger
  • 26r - 30v Longsword technique
  • 31r - 38r Unarmed defense vs. dagger; dagger vs. dagger
  • 38v Wrestling positions (Dente di Cinghiale, Posta Longa, Porta di Ferro, Posta Frontale)
  • 39r - 42v Wrestling techniques
  • 43r - 44r Unarmed defense vs. dagger; three lines of closing text.

Collection Information

Catalog Number: MS LATIN 11269

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