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Congratulations on joining the world’s largest European Martial Arts school! We’ve created this area just for you to get the most out of your lifetime membership to Academie Duello. On this page you’ll find educational resources for practicing martial arts and gateways to the Academie Duello online community to connect with your fellow members and European Martial Arts enthusiasts.

Are You New Member? Here are 6 Ways to Deepen Your Academie Duello Experience:

1. Download the Members’ Guide.

Learn everything that you can access and use as a member.

2. Download Program Guides.

Your program guide contains information on how to advance through any programs that you’re in. There are also extra learning resources available for download:

Your Program Download Other Resources
Weapons Mastery Program Guide, Green Cord Guide
Warrior Fitness Program Guide
Youth Program Program Guide
Knight Camp Program Guide
Cavaliere Mounted Combat Program Guide, Green Spur Guide
Stage Combat Program Guide
Bartitsu Program Guide
Archery Program Guide

3. Follow Academie Duello on Facebook and Twitter.

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Connect with your fellow members and be the first to hear new announcements for workshops and special events.

4. Follow the Academie Duello Blog

Find and participate in profound discussions of European martial arts on the Academie Duello Blog.

5. Join the Academie Duello Facebook Group.

Discuss topics of interest with other Academie Duello members and download useful training resources.

6. Subscribe to DuelloTV.

Academie Duello’s very own online channel contains instructional videos for participants in the Weapons Mastery and Warrior Fitness programs.

Study Resources

Looking for extra help? The WMAwiki contains lots of useful information for anyone in the Weapons Mastery and Warrior Fitness Programs:

  • Academie Duello Glossary: Contains information on steps, strokes, guards and other important terminology for rapier, longsword and sidesword use.
  • Anatomical Weapon Information
  1. Rapier
  2. Longsword
  3. Sidesword
  4. Quarterstaff
  5. Dagger
  • Masters, Texts and Historical Schools
  1. Camillo Agrippa (d. 1595?)
  2. Ridolfo Capo Ferro (fl. 1610; Works: Gran Simulacro dell'Arte e dell'Uso della Scherma)
  3. Dardi or Bolognese School, the (fl. 1520s-1577)
  4. Salvator Fabris (1544-1618; Works: De lo Schermo, overo Scienza d'Arme)
  5. Fiore dei Liberi (c. 1340s-1420s; Works: Fior di Battaglia or Flos Duellatorum)
  6. Antonio Manciolino (fl. 1520s)
  7. Achille Marozzo (1484-1553; Works: Opera Nova dell'Arte delle Armi)
  8. Filippo Vadi (fl. 1482-7; Works: De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi)