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MS 3227a (also known as Hanko Döbringer's Fechtbuch) is a manuscript from the late 14th century that contains recipes and treatises for everything from paint to martial arts. It is believed to be the earliest record of the teachings of Johannes Liechtenauer.

An excellent translation of a section dealing with Liechtenauer's Blossfechten techniques is available from ARMA, translated by David Lindholm.

Manuscript Contents

  • 1r - 5v treatise on fireworks (Marcus Graecus: Liber Ignium)
  • 5v magic formulas in Latin and German
  • 6r recipes for powders used for painting
  • 6v - 10v Latin recipes (paint, alchemy, medicine)
  • 11r - 12r German instructions for the strengthening of iron (Von dem herten. Nu spricht meister Alkaym...)
  • 12v - 13r alchemical recipes in Latin
  • 13v - 17v treatise on sword fencing, on foot, on horseback, unarmoured or armoured (kunst des fechtens mit deme swerte czu fusse vnd czu rosse blos vnd yn harnuesche)
  • 18r - 40r teachings of Johannes Liechtenauer on unarmoured foot combat. (Liechtenauers blozfechten czu fusse)
  • 43r - 45v teachings of other masters, in verse (Hanko Döbringer, Andres Juden, Jost von der Neißen, Nidas Preußen).
  • 47r - 48v glosses on technical terms of the preceding section
  • 52v on sportive (non-serious) fencing (Schulfechten)
  • 53r - 60v teachings of Liechtenauer on combat on horseback and armoured combat with spear and sword.
  • 62r fragment on wrestling
  • 64r - 65r recapitulation of the teachings of Liechtenauer
  • 66v - 73v astrological texts, magical and medicinal recipes, name magic
  • 74r fragment on combat with sword and shield
  • 74v - 77v recipes for paint, tumors, metal and ivory treatment
  • 78r fragment on combat with the long-staff
  • 79r - 81v miscellaneous Latin recipes, treatment of gems, preparation of a miraculous potion
  • 82 on combat with the long knife (Messer)
  • 83v Latin calendar, 1390-1495 (the manuscript is dated to 1389 on the basis of this calendar)
  • 84r - 85r on combat with daggers
  • 85 magical recipes
  • 86r - 89r Liechtenauer on wrestling, interspersed with additional recipes
  • 90v - 165v recipes for dental hygiene, various alchemical recipes, food recipes, nonsense recipes, in various hands
  • 166r - 169v index to the recipes in the manuscript, partly illegible

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