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Nicoletto Giganti was a fencing master in the city of Venice who published a rapier fencing manual in Italian in 1606, entitled

"Scola, overo, Teatro : nelquale sono rappresentate diverse maniere, e modi di parare, e di ferire di spada sola, e di spada, e pugnale; dove ogni studioso portra essercitarsi e farsi prattico nella professione dell' Armi" ("School, or theatre in which is represented various manners of defense and ways to strike with single Sword, and Sword and dagger; whereby any student will be able to practice and make himself experienced in the profession of Arms")

This manual was reprinted in 1608, with 3 additional reprints in both German and French between 1608 and 1619. Nicoletto Giganti is also reported to have plagarized a rapier manual written by Salvator Fabris in 1606, by having it reprinted under his own name.

Giganti's teachings are pretty much in line with the Italian tradition with what appears to be a notable influence from the Bolognese (Dardi) school of swordsmanship (perhaps even being a part of that school).


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