Opera Nova dell'Arte delle Armi

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The Opera Nova dell'Arte delle Armi "New Text on the Art of Arms", written by Achille Marozzo, is one of the earliest texts in the Bolognese tradition. It is related to works by other fencing masters including Manciolino, Dall'Agocchie, and Viggiani.

Manual Demographics

  • Published in 1536 in Modena.
  • Dedicated to Count Rangoni.
  • The original manual was illustrated with Wood Cuts. In the 1568 and subsequent printings, copper-plate engravings were used.


  • Sword and Small Buckler
  • Sword and Broad Buckler
  • Sword and Targa
  • Sword and Dagger
  • Sword and Cape
  • Sword-Alone
  • Sword and Rotella
  • Large Dagger with and without Cape
  • Spadone
  • Polearms (Lance, Ronca, Spetum, and Partisan)
  • Unarmed against Dagger

Additional Content

The manual also includes a comprehensive treatise on judicial dueling customs in Italy.