Opera nova dell’Arte delle armi

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The Opera Nova was an early treatise on rapier fencing by Achille Marozzo, a master of the Bolognese school, first published in 1536.

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Marozzo's work is divided into five books:

Book one - introduction

Book two - rapier

  • Sword and dagger
  • Dagger alone
  • Dagger and cape
  • Sword and cape
  • Case of swords
  • Sword and large brocchiero
  • Single sword
  • Sword and rotella
  • Sword and targa
  • The twelve principal guards (with sword and shield, as well as single sword). The progression for rapier is in this section.
  • Sword and targone
  • Sword and targone against a polearm
  • Sword and rotella against a polearm
  • Sword and cape, against an enemy armed with a single sword

Book three - two-handed sword

  • Two-handed sword
  • The progression of two-handed sword guards is in this section.
  • Grappling with the two-handed sword
  • Two-handed sword against a polearm

Book four - other two-handed weapons

  • Various kinds of polearms
  • Using a rotella with two hands

Book five - grappling

  • Culture of duelling, honor, nobility
  • Empty-hand defense against a dagger (grappling)
  • Dagger (grappling)


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