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Italian ''spada
Spanish ''espada
German ''schwert
French ''epee


A sword is a long metal bar---sharpened for cutting, thrusting, or both---with a handle on one end.


The following classifications of sword are typically used in the WMA community.

Name Period School Shape Edges Cross-section Guard Hands Length Combat A.k.a.
Longsword middle ages Fiore, Marozzo, Ringeck, Talhoffer straight double, full length diamond crossbar one or two 35"-45" melee or single hand-and-a-half
Arming sword middle ages I-33 straight double, full length diamond crossbar one melee or single
Sidesword early Renaissance Dardi straight double, full length diamond crossbar, rings, posts one 30"-36" melee or single cut-and-thrust rapier
Rapier Renaissance Fabris, Capo Ferro, Dardi straight double, half length diamond crossbar; rings; knuckle bow; posts, sweeps, plates, or cup one 30"-60" single, unarmored
Smallsword Napoleonic straight double, last few inches V dish, knuckle bow one 24"-30" single
Sabre various curved single hexagonal bell or dish, knuckle bow one various, esp. cavalry
Backsword Cromwell straight double hexagonal basket one 36" single or melee mortuary sword