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Template Usage Instructions

The Fior di Battaglia article skeleton template can be used to automatically generate the structure for a new article in the Fior di Battaglia manuscript. To apply the skeleton:

  1. Create a new article using the naming scheme:
    Fior di Battaglia: section name, Nth play
  2. Put the following text into the article:
    {{ subst:Fior di Battaglia article skeleton|<section name>|Nth play. For example: Third Play}}
  3. Then save the article.

The subst line will then be replaced with the output of this template and can be edited further in the standard way from that point on.

[[Image:Fior di Battaglia, {{{1}}}, {{{2}}}.jpg | 300px]]
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From the Manuscript

Getty Manuscript



Pisani-Dossi Manuscript



Pierpont Morgan Manuscript





  1. The scholar begins at the master position.
    [[Image:Fior di Battaglia, {{{1}}}, Play X - Adam and Devon.jpg|300px]]
  2. The opponent takes a particular action.
    [[Image:Fior di Battaglia, {{{1}}}, {{{2}}} - beginning - Adam and Devon.jpg|300px]]
  3. The scholar applies the technique.
    [[Image:Fior di Battaglia, {{{1}}}, {{{2}}} - conclusion - Adam and Devon.jpg|300px]]


  • Links to videos of the action.


What happens at the end?

Key Points

  • To what should one pay attention to perform this play correctly.


  • Any variations of the technique that are worth mentioning.

See Also

  • A point

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