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[[{{{2}}}|Previous: {{{2}}}]] Viewing pages from {{{1}}} [[{{{3}}}|Next: {{{3}}}]]


Use this template to link together a related sequence of documents (for example the chapters of a manual).

The use of the template is as follows:

{{ pagination | parent document | previous document | next document }}


To get

Previous: Gran Simulacro: Introduction Viewing pages from Gran Simulacro Next: Gran Simulacro: Chapter 1
you would use the following wiki markup:
{{ pagination | [[Gran Simulacro]] | Gran Simulacro: Introduction | Gran Simulacro: Chapter 1 }}


  • If there is no preceding or subsequent page, keep the parameter for that document blank. For example:
    {{ plate | [[Gran Simulacro]] | | Gran Simulacro: Dedication}}