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Training swords-people since 2006 in medieval European martial arts based on the manuscript I33 (single hand sword and buckler written in 1300) and the manuscript of Fiore dei Liberi (written in 1409, focusing on sword in two hands).


Victoria Sword School is located in Victoria, BC.


Training is arranged through Esquimalt Recreation Centre who hires me to teach. These classes run Fall to Spring. Summer classes can be arranged.


Dan Hill

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Dan began his training in Classical Fencing (Foil, Epee, Sabre) in 1974, under the instruction of Maestro Tau hi Bac. Dan fenced competitively for years as well as assisted in instructing. He has fought and instructed in both armoured and rapier medieval re-enactor combat in the SCA since 1981. Dan has studied Fiore's system since 1999, and I:33 sword and buckler since 2003. He is trained in First Aid and has completed the National Coaching Certification Program - Parts A and B.

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