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The Fabris Project at WMAWiki is devoted to accurately translating and interpreting the works of Salvator Fabris, an Italian fencing master from Padua, Italy who published his book the Scienza d'Arme in 1606.

Secondarily this project is devoted to building an accurate picture of the life and times of Fabris.


A full list of participants is available at Category:Project Fabris participants, along with instructions on how to add yourself to the project.

Current Tasks

Fabris Home Page

  • Proper demographic information needs to be added.
  • A summary of Fabris teachings needs to be added.


  • At this point the whole manual needs to be put in and interpreted. Get to work!


  • Template:Fabris plate skeleton should be used to provide the initial structure for any new Scienza d'Arme plate. See the template for details on usage.