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This is the project page for the creation and improvement of WMAWiki as a whole.


A full list of participants is available at Category:Project WMAWiki participants, along with instructions on how to add yourself to the project.

Tasks Due September 26th

  • Create new Main Page
    • Populate 1 step deep.
  • 3 Articles under 3 manuscripts
    • Populated 1 step down.
  • Invitation List
    • Invite people to join specific study groups or start new ones on WMAwiki. (I believe giving people a focus for their input could be a more powerful way to get them involved in the wiki as it will then be a practical tool for collaboration for the project as opposed to being its own stand-alone thing. Devon Boorman 16:28, 4 October 2007 (CDT))
    • Speak in terms of their interests:
      • Invite them to post about their school or themselves
      • Invite them to post about their books or create references to themselves or their schools
  • Proper Categorization of Articles
  • About Page
    • Scope of WMAWiki
  • Instruction Portal
    • Has been started but more could be done
  • Learning Portal
  • Resource Portal
    • Has been started but more could be done
  • WMA Community Portal
    • Has been started but more could be done
  • Normalize articles for consistency
  • Switch setting so only wiki users can edit.
  • Add 'in-line' help (or links to relevant help) and invitations on the wiki for contribution to make it more accessible. (see discussion page)

Invitation List

  • Tom Leoni
  • Jherek Swanger
  • William Wilson
  • David Cvet
    • AEMMA as a school (getting some other schools as a whole on would be excellent)
  • Bob Charron
  • Gary Chelak
  • Roger Siggs
  • Paul Wegner
  • Brian Price
  • Jon Clements
    • ARMA as an organization
  • Guy Windsor
    • His school
  • Calgary/Edmonton guys
  • Cecil Longino (invite him to start Saviolo project)
    • Academia della Spada
  • David Borland
  • Stephen Hand
  • Christian Tobler
  • Jon Patrick

Tasks After

  • Populate the Masters and Manuscripts portal with all commonly available masters/documents
    • Use Aemma's library
    • Get help from Jherek to populate some of the lesser known/untranslated
    • Create a section for unattributed manuscripts